Deep-sea is saltwater fishing that’s challenging and exciting for anglers who are looking for the thrill of long, hard fights against big game fish. If you don’t have a guide, this type of saltwater fishing may not be for you. It is recommended for experienced anglers who are able to venture out into the open ocean far from shore.

Saltwater Deep-Sea Fishing Gear. It’s possible to catch many game fish while deep-sea fishing. You should bring several rods to catch the different species. A 6 to 7-foot offshore fishing rod with a medium action and 20-pound monofilament line can be sufficient. For deep-sea fishing, a 50-pound line is required.

Saltwater Deep-Sea Fishing bait: Catching deep-sea gamefish will heavily depend on technique and experience. So experiment with both artificial and live baits, such as cut squids, threadfin herrings, deep diving plugs, or deep-sea bottom Jigs.

Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing Safety Tips Keep track of the weather conditions and forecasts before you go deep-sea fishing. Before you head out on the water, make sure to review navigation charts and take a VHF radio with you in case of emergency.


Saltwater fishing lure depends on how the fish you are trying to catch eats it. It takes into account three factors: sound, smell, and movement. These three factors will help you determine the type of bait that you need to lure fish to your line. It’s now a matter of knowing the location you intend to fish from and deciding whether to use artificial or live bait to catch the strike.


  • Bait Fish
  • Crabs
  • Clams
  • Mussels
  • Shrimp
  • Squid


  • Use Lead-Headed Jigs as saltwater bait imitations
  • Use metal jigs to bounce on the ocean floor.
  • To splash across the water’s surface, use poppers
  • Use plug fishing lures to imitate swimming fish
  • Spoon Fishing lures flash and move just like swimming fish.
  • Spinnerbaits are used to fool fish’s senses of sound and movement.
  • Soft Plastic Lures for flexible use


Local anglers are more knowledgeable about saltwater fishing than any general guide. After you have chosen a spot and identified the fish you want, talk to other anglers in the area at the bait and tackle shops, shore, or pier to learn what they do to obtain successful strikes. Remember that each fisherman is different and every bait may not be the best for every situation.

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